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Workshop - West Coast Scooters and Motorcycles





Are you having problems with your scooter motorcycle or atv?

Here at west coast scooters and motorcycles we can help.

We do all types of repairs from a simple tyre change to full recondition/restorations our fully trained mechanics are knowledgeable and can assist any of your problems. Remember every problem has a solution we will also determine how it happened so we will assist you in not having the same problem again.

The workshop as the mechanics are fully licenced and accredited. We also do insurance work.

Servicing is a big part of what we do here whether it is just routine or a major service.
We always receive phone calls asking about the price of a service. Unfortunately that’s one of the most difficult questions to answer as it depends on the condition of your vehicle. We can provide a accurate estimate based on previous experience, but until we’ve actually seen it, we won’t know for sure.

The best way to get great (and cheaper!) ongoing support is to buy a scooter from us in the first place, and then regularly maintain it with us, We will get to know you and you vehicle. We will endeavour to give you a correct rough price for the job but Sometimes, however, costs can be greater than anticipated, particularly where customers have not had there vehicles properly maintained .

Before any work not anticipated is carried out we will get your permission before we undertake any extra work
Also remember sometimes what looks to be a simple job, can be a lot more complex if you have to remove panels to fix it, and we may not have enough time available to complete it.

Don’t forget that a well serviced vehicle will give you better fuel economy and run a whole lot sweeter, so make sure you’re getting the best performance from your vehicle.